Pompei Pre-University College completing 75 years of its existence by 2020 is a matter of great importance to all those who are related to this institution. It must be celebrated with great joy and with a great sense of gratitude to the Almighty God and to our Patron Pompei Mother. This is the time to come together and introspect and evaluate the growth and development of our college. No doubt, you all will agree with me when I say that this college has been playing a vital role in shaping, moulding and transforming the lives of thousands of students who have passed through its portal. The institution owes a great deal to all those who have toiled from the beginning till today to build it up to the expectation of the public. Of course every student of this college will say with conviction and confidence that this college has been ‘a light unto my path’.

I bow down before the indomitable spirit of our founder Late V.Rev. Fr George Menezes D. D. and all those who were with him and all those who came after him. Their commitment, dedication and hard work will never be forgotten. We will continue to imbibe these precious values and qualities of our elders and work with all sincerity and seriousness to make this amazing institution reach still greater heights.

When this great institution is celebrating its platinum jubilee, we wish to include all those people who are related to it in the celebration. So we are planning to go for a Global Connect. And for this purpose we are going for a website for the institution which will certainly help all of us to get connected and stay connected and this connection would certainly work miracles for the institution.


Mr. Mathew N.M.



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