“Teach them everything that I have commanded you” were the last words of Jesus Christ to his followers. Gospel of Matthew ch 28 verses 25. The followers of Christ went to all four corners of the world with this mandate from their master.

The Catholic Church is known for her services, specially in the field of medicine, education and social work. Our Lord and master told us, that we will be known by our fruits, by our action; the Christian community in India though is a very small percentage the contribution it has made in the field of education, medicine, social upliftment and social work is remarkably very big.

Rev Fr. George Menezes D.D. who was popularly known as D.D Menezes because he had a doctorate in divinity who was the Parish Priest of Kirem for 14 years (1937-51.) Is the founder of Pompei High School. Though the times were difficult, with the 11nd world war and the struggle for independence going on he took this bold and fruitful step. Fr. George Menezes’s term as the Parish Priest was considered as the Golden age. In 1945 he started the Pompei High School. Later Fr. B.A D’Souza a great educationist upgraded the High School into the junior College.

The Pompei Jr Collage (High School and P.U.C) is completing 75 years of great service to the rural community around the villages of Kinnigoly. The institution has given education to the poor village boys & girls. Thousands of them are well settled all over the world. When there were no other educational institutions and travelling to Mangalore city was highly impossible Pompei Jr College was the only ray of hope for boys and girls seeking standard education around Aikala and Kinnigoly

The dedicated services of the staff, the efficient management of the management committee, with the professional guidance of catholic board of education Pompei Jr College is a name for quality education. The satisfaction for the management is not magnificent buildings and a showy campus, rather value based education that this institution imparted to the economically backward boys and girls of this part of the district. There are many doctors, engineers, lawyers, religious leaders (ie Bishops, Priests, nuns,) businessmen and successful agriculturist as the alumni

As we celebrate the platinum Jubilee of this institution. I thank the almighty for His blessing. Gratefully acknowledge the intercessions of Pompei Mother. May the correspondents, principals and the lecturers who have gone to their heavenly abode enjoy eternal peace. May almighty God bless all our retired staff with good health and fulfillment in life. May Our patron Our Lady of Pompei intercede for the alumni, staff, students and parents of our students. May God bless Pompei family.


Rev Fr Victor D'Mello


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