Pompei Pre University College, Talipady, Aikala is a prestigious educational institution known for its academic excellence and value based education. It functions under the aegis of the Catholic Board of Education of the Diocese of Mangalore.

Far from the maddening crowd and the hustle and bustle of the city, Pompei high school and pre university college is located in the serene atmosphere in the prime area of Kinnigoli-Belman Highway. The edifice resembles a light house emitting the Light of Knowledge and standing true to its college emblem ‘ A Light unto my Path’ showing light to the future of thousands of students.

Pompei high school and pre university college which has been giving shape to dynamic generations since seven decades and more has become a luminous star in the vicinity. The humble beginning of Pompei high school dated back to pre independence period has a remarkable history of struggles, endurance and perseverance which can never go unnoticed in the generations to come.

Rev. Fr Aloysius J D’souza, the pioneer of education in the Kirem parish and locality started a primary school in 1901 and named it Pompei School . He built a small school in 1903 near the existing school, the foundation of which was in ruins. It had only 3 standards then .With the transfer of Rev. Fr Aloysius D’souza in 1907 , Rev. Fr Salvadore D’souza came to Kirem as the parish priest . He came at a time when people thought the school would be closed. But Rev. Fr Salvadore took the initiative and opened IV standard in 1910 and thereafter the fame of the school spread like a wildfire. One class was added year after year and VI, VIIth and VIIIth standards were opened . Rev.Fr Salvadore was followed by Rev. Fr E. M. Rebello . He worked in such a way, the name of the Pompei primary school reached the summit. After Rev. Fr Rebello, the administration of the school had passed on to the Catholic Board of Education.

In 1937, the late V. Rev. Fr George Menezes D.D. was appointed as parish priest of Kirem church. This broadminded and kindhearted father chanced to become the torch bearer of high school education . Talipady in those days was a remote village which consisted of only agriculturists whose income failed to fulfill even their basic needs . High school education was a distant reality 75 years ago. Most of the people in those days had to stop after their primary education. Going to Mangalore or other distant places for high school and college education was unthinkable and unaffordable as the people had no money and were striken by extreme poverty .High school and college education was in fact a dream for the people of Talipady and the surrounding places. The starting of Pompei high school was a dream come true for the people . Father saw with great sorrow how deserving students after passing VIIIth standard stayed at home or went abroad seeking jobs, where for want of proper education were stranded on their path of prospects .Very few continued their high school and college education . These thoughts worked great plans in the mind of Fr.Menezes .He went personally to Madras to represent the need of starting a high school in Talipady. He was successful. He got permission to open the high school in June 1945. The permission was heralded with the tolling of the church bell for 15 minutes. Class after class was added in the subsequent years and in the year 1948-49 the first batch of SSLC students wrote their public examination. The high school building was constructed during his time. It had four classrooms on the ground floor and as many on the first floor. The high school was admitted to Teaching Grant from 1948-49 onwards. And it was given permanent recognition from 01.06.1958 by the Director of Public Instruction, Mysore.

The courage , confidence and indomitable spirit of Fr.George Menezes is admirable and praiseworthy. He believed in the love, support and co-operation of the people of this parish and the surrounding parishes and also the kind hearted donors who were ready to sacrifice for the cause of education .And his faith in the people never failed him and he continued to get the expected help from them. Though they were unable to help financially, they offered their physical labour during the time of the construction of the school building. The grinding and debilitating poverty in those days did not prevent the people from sharing whatever little they had for the noble cause. We must bow down to that amazing spirit of sacrifice of our forefathers.

The then Bishop of Mangalore Diocese asked Rev.Fr Basil A D’Souza to take up the responsibility as the head master and correspondent of Pompei high school after Fr George Menezes and after Shri.P.Govinda Rao, the first head master of the high school. As the number of students were increasing Fr Basil A. D’Souza had to go for infrastructural development. He constructed a two storeyed block of building symmetrical to the older block. The work was completed in 1960. The institution will remain grateful to Sri H. Narasimha IAS, collector of South Canara then , Mr. R.F Sequeira , administrator of Kirem Church, Mr. F X D Pinto, Dr S Champa , Dr. I. V. Asranna , Shri Paul Dsouza Prabhu of Bithul Kinnigoli and Shri Shridhar Shetty Kinnigoli for their support and cooperation without which Fr B. A D’souza would not have completed the school building mentioned above. The institution reached another milestone on June 22 1966 when Fr Basil A. D’souza got permission to start pre-university education with PCM and HEC combinations. It was one year PUC then and 2 year PUC was introduced from 1971-72. It must be said to the credit that it was father B. A. D’souza who was instrumental in the all round development of the school - additional building , equipments, playground etc. Until his retirement he devoted his time and energy for the progress of the institution and for the betterment of the students . He was a disciplinarian , an academician par excellence. He qualitatively improved the standard of English at Pompei which was a great help, particularly to students hailing from rural background.

After Rev. Fr. B. A D’souza, Rev.Fr. Aloysius Alvares took over the baton of Pompei. With unflinching determination, dedication and devotion, he led the institution on the progressive path. Keeping the flame of hope alive with his masterly touch, he aimed at academic excellence and value based education. In 1972 the Pre-University Board, Bangalore granted the permission for the conversion of higher secondary school into junior college. The college was given permission to start Arts, Commerce and Science sections. The college was admitted for direct salary grant from November 1977 onwards after fulfilling the terms and conditions of the Grant-in-Aid code. Fr Alvares undertook the renovation of high school block . Thereafter he took up the task of putting up science block , equipping the laboratories with modern equipments. He rejuvenated the dynamism of Pompei and under his leadership Pompei celebrated its Silver Jubilee in the year 1971.

After his retirement Rev. Fr Bernard L. D’souza took over the baton of Pompei. As the Principal of Pompei Pre University college for 14 years, he extended the building of the college, by the addition of several classrooms and an auditorium. He started an additional section in the commerce section. It was a golden period in the history of Pompei as he introduced Co-education system for the benefit of local girls which was a turning point for the institution. Computer education was also introduced for the first time . Due to his determined efforts he saw that the vacant teaching posts were approved by the education department. Besides, in 1985-86 the institution received its permanent recognition from the Commissioner for Public Instruction in Karnataka, Bangalore. Pompei P.U. College stands as a living testimony of his monumental work. During his time, Pompei reached the golden jubilee period . He retired from service on 30th June 1995.

After rendering his meritorious service at Sacred Heart P. U. College, Madanthyar, as its founder Principal for 14 years, Rev. Fr Lawrence Rodrigues came over to Pompei to assume the office of Principal on 1st July 1995. As the Principal, he rendered valuable service to the institution for 7 years. During his time the academic results improved considerably . He started a new combination in science with computer as an optional subject. He retired on 31st August 2002.

After 28 years of service as a lecturer in political science at St. Joseph P.U. College, Bajpe , Sri. K.M. Uthaiah was promoted as the principal of this great institution on 02.09.2002. A dynamic person, a man of simplicity, his ability to accommodate new changes and commitment to duty are indeed laudable. He was the motivating force behind the diamond jubilee celebration which was held in the year 2005. During his time a new block with college auditorium was constructed as a Diamond Jubilee Memorial. He retired in the year 2007.

Rev. Fr Jerome D’souza after serving in this institution as a lecturer for 7 years was promoted as the principal after the retirement of Sri K. M Uthaiah . Father Jerome saw the needs and requirements of the institution and worked hard to give a facelift to it . He gave a modern and sophisticated touch to the P U and high school library, principal’s chamber and computer lab. He installed CC TV and Intercom which certainly helped to improve the administration and the discipline of the college. Generator , Inverter and Borewell were the need of the hour and he could mobilize resources from the public and alumni and provided the facility . Water coolers were installed to provide pure drinking water for the children . The institution grew to new heights during his time. In the year 2008-09 college received ‘A’ Grade Certificate from the Director of Pre University Education Department , Bangalore under the Government of Karnataka.

Rev. Fr Jerome D’souza was transferred to Sacred Heart P U College , Madanthyar on 1 July 2016 and in his place Sri Mathew N. M who was the principal of Sacred Heart PU college Madanthyar for 19 years , was transferred to Pompei PU College on 1 July 2016. Sri Mathew N.M is serving as the principal of the college now.

The Institution remains immensely grateful to all the Presidents and Secretaries of the Catholic Board of Education for their valuable service. Their love, support and encouragement has enabled the institution to see progress and prosperity all these years. Most Rev. Dr Victor Fernandes (1932-1955), Most Rev. Dr B.S. Peres (1955-1958), Most Rev. Dr R. Dmello (1959-1964), Most Rev. Dr B.S. Dsouza (1965-1996) and Most Rev. Dr Aloysius Paul Dsouza (1996-2018) served as the Presidents of the Catholic Board of Education and also as the Presidents of our institution as we come under the management and administration of the Catholic Board of Education. Most. Rev. Dr Peter Paul Saldanha, the alumnus of our institution, is serving as the President of our institution from the year 2018.

The Secretaries of the Catholic Board of Education who have given their valuable service for the growth and development of our institution are Msgr Mathew Pinto (1936-1956), Msgr Gabriel Castelino (1956-1959), Msgr Jerome Dsouza (1959-1961) Most Rev. Dr Basil Dsouza (1961-1965), Rev. Thomas Dsa (1965-1975), Msgr Denis M. Prabhu (1975-1985), Rev Lawrence Dsouza (1985-1992), Rev. Cyril Dsouza (1992-1999), Rev Bonaventure Nazareth (1999-2005), Rev. Wilson V Dsouza (2005-2014) and Rev Jerald Dsouza (2014-2018). Rev. Fr Antony Serrao is serving as our Secretary from 2018.

The work and contribution of the correspondents of this great institution must be recorded with a true feeling of gratitude .Rev. Fr W.E Veigas, Rev. Fr Denis Moras Prabhu, Rev. Fr Lawrence D’souza, Rev. Fr cyril D’souza, Rev. Fr Valerian Pinto, Rev. Fr Charles Noronha , Rev. Fr Paul Pinto served as correspondents of this institution. They played a vital and predominant role in the growth and development of this institution. Diamond Jubilee celebration was held when Rev. Fr Charles Noronha was the correspondent . He constructed a new block with a college auditorium as a diamond jubilee memorial . An underground tank holding 20,000 liters of water was constructed as a part of rain water harvesting. The present high school staff room was constructed during the time of Rev. Fr Valerian Pinto. Akshara Dasoha building for the Midday Meal was built during the time of Rev. Fr Paul Pinto.

Now the present correspondent Rev. Fr Victor D’mello is a man of action . He works with a clear and specific objective in his mind . His commitment and dedication for the institution is exemplary. He is the one who is instrumental in starting a new combination (BASCs) in commerce section in the year 2017. The number of students in the new combination is increasing year after year . The renovation work of the college building is on. The renovation of the college auditorium, four labs, reading room and library is completed .He is planning to give a new look and a facelift to the institution in the Jubilee year.

Pompei high school and pre university college have traversed many a milestone. Several distinguished personalities have passed through the portals of this temple of knowledge . Most. Rev. Dr Heny Dsouza, Bishop of Ballari, Most Rev. Dr Robert Miranda, Bishop of Gulbarga Diocese. Most Rev. Dr Francis Serrao, Bishop of Shivamogga, Most Rev. Dr Peter Paul Saldanha , Bishop of Mangalore Famous Cardiac surgeon Dr Devi Shetty, High court justice B. V Pinto and Harikrishna Punaroor, to name a few.

It would be an unpardonable mistake if we don’t mention the tremendous support and cooperation of our Alumni Association which has already spent 9 lakhs for providing the infrastructural needs of the institution. They dug the borewell and helped in a big way to overcome the water crisis. They beautified the entrance of the college and donated 4 beautiful notice boards . Every year they give uniform to the high school students and pay the school and college fees of the poor and meritorious students who are unable to pay the fees. In fact they have been playing a very positive role in the all round development of the institution. The college will always remain grateful to all the dynamic presidents, secretaries, office bearers and all the members of the alumni association. The 1989 science batch students of our college under the leadership of Dr Kishore Shetty, Kinnigoli donated books to the library worth 3 lakhs, donated 2 projectors and accessories to the two science classrooms worth 1,50,000/- and donated 50 Teak wood chairs to the reading room worth 3,50,000/-. The institution cannot forget their goodness and generosity and remains grateful to them.

At Present we have a very good catorie of staff , experienced and well versed in their respective subjects preparing students for the challenges of tomorrow .

May the Lady of Pompei bless this institution as the Immortal Seat of Education.

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