1.    Admission to any course is made for one academic year only.  Students will be admitted to the next higher class on the basis of fresh application for admission taking however into account their progress in studies, regularity of attendance, conduct & behaviour during the previous year.
2.    Application  in the prescribed form should reach the Principal soon after the publication of results of S.S.L.C. Examination or before any date as is announced by the Principal.  Marks obtained in the qualifying examination should be entered in the application form and duly attested.
3.    There will be an interview for all the applicants before admission on the dates and time notified by the Principal.  The applicants will be required to bring their parent/guardian when they appear for interview.
4.    All candidates should bring the following records when they present themselves for interview.
       a)  A Transfer Certificate from the institution last attended.
       b)  S.S.L.C. Certificate.
       c)  A Conduct Certificate from the institution last  attended.
       d)  A Migration Certificate (in case of students coming from outside the state of Karnataka)
       e)  Income / Caste Certificate      f) Copy of Ration Card
       g)  Copy of Aadhaar Card                       
       h) Copy of Bank Account Pass Book
       i)   Recent Photographs (Stamp size  2) (Passport Size - 3)
5.    The Certificates presented by the students shall not be returned until they leave the college.
6.    All admissions to the P.U.C. are provisional and subject to the approval of the P.U.E. Board.
7.    A student who withdraws himself/herself after completing his/her admission shall forfeit any claim to the fee paid by him/her.
8.    A candidate if admitted to the college shall undergo medical inspection.


9.    Every student shall wear the college uniform on all working days.  T-Shirts & Jean Pants are not allowed.  Any student entering the college premises, without uniform will be fined  Rs. 100/- each time.  Constant defaulters will be liable to further disciplinary action.
10.  No student is allowed to modify or change the pattern of the school uniform and come to college in that modified uniform.
11.  While attending the classes the students should compulsorily bring Identity cards along with them.
12.  Every student shall salute the members of the staff on his/her first meeting them everyday.
13.  Frequent absenteeism, habitual inattention, disrespect to the members of the staff etc., are viewed seriously and the student indulging in these offences are liable to be suspended/dismissed from the college.
14.  All kinds of absence must be justified by genuine reasons and leave applications should be countersigned by the parents.
15.  All Catholic students shall attend without fail any prayer service, retreat or religion classes organised by the college during the course of academic year.
16.  All students shall compulsorily attend the Value Education class in the college.
17.  The college is not responsible for the conduct of the students outside the college premises.  However any misconduct of the students outside the college premises which is likely to bring disrepute to the college premises will be viewed seriously by the principal and the students concerned are liable to be punished as the Principal deems fit.
18.  Books, Magazines, Newspapers etc. not approved by the Principal are not allowed to be brought to the college.  Bringing autographs and circulating inside the class room or in the premises is strictly prohibited.
19.  Every student will have to take neatness and cleanliness of the classroom and the college campus seriously.
20.  The use of tobacco in any form is forbidden in and around the college premises. Likewise students shall abstain from consuming alcohol.  Students violating this rule are liable to be severely punished, even with suspension or dismissal from the college.
21.  Students shall not take part in political agitations directed against the authority of the Government.  They are also forbidden to engage prominently in any public movement without the permission of the Principal.
22.  Students shall not join any Clubs, Societies or Organisations from outside without the permission of the Principal.
23.  In academic matters the rules and regulations framed by the Principal & the College Council from time to time shall have to be strictly adhered to by all the students of the College.
24.  Wilful damage to the property of the College books, furniture, water and electric installation etc., will have to be paid for.  The decision of the Principal is final in these matters.
25.  The whole class will be responsible for any damage to any furniture, electrical installation and all other College Property in the class room.  Writing or carving anything on the desk & benches, writing on walls or deliberately soiling the walls etc. will merit severe punishment including heavy fine on the whole class.
26.  Students are not allowed to loiter about in the premises of the college during the working hours.  They should move from one class room to another in an orderly and disciplined manner.
27.  During class hours to move away from one’s place or to leave the room, the lecturer’s permission is needed.  The students are liable to be sent out of the class if their behaviour in the class is detrimental to the smooth functioning of the class.
28.  Students are required to view the College Notice Board daily.
29.  Students are required to put in at least 75% of the attendance in every subject failing which they will not be eligible for promotion to the higher class or to appear for the Pre-University Examination.
30.  Students are not allowed to bring Walkman / Radio and other electronic devices inside the campus.  Driving vehicles inside college premises is strictly prohibited.
31.  Mobile phone is strictly prohibited within the class rooms and in the campus. If found, mobiles will be confiscated and will not be returned.
32.  Those who indulge in ragging or encourage it, will be dismissed from the college.
33.  The Principal in consultation with the College Council shall have the power to suspend any student from the College, if in the opinion of the council, his/her continuation in the college is not desirable in the interest of the discipline of the College.
34.  Parent / Guardian will alone be contacted by the Principal in respect of any matter pertaining to the student during the course of the year.
35.  Working hours of the College are :
       Morning Session : 9.30 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.
       Afternoon Session : 1.45 p.m. to 3.45p.m.
       A certain number of classes may also be held outside the prescribed working hours whenever necessary.
       Students are required to take the study hour timing in the college very seriously i.e,  Morning - 9:00 a.m. onwards,
                           Afternoon - 1:30 p.m. onwards
36.  Once a student enters the College campus he/she should attend all the classes of the day. However, if any student needs to be absent from any class, he/she should obtain the prior permission of the Principal. Disciplinary action will be initiated against for those students violating the code of conduct.


37.  Regular Tests will be conducted in each subject.  The students are required to write these tests in right earnest.  Students remaining absent from these tests shall however answer these tests before they start attending the classes, unless exempted by the Principal.  Similarly, appearance for the periodical Examination is compulsory and absence without valid reason will be viewed seriously. 
38.  The progress of the students in their curricular studies will be reported to their parents. In case of slow learners, parents / guardians need to report to the principal for the assessment of performance of the students.
39.  The progress record of the students sent to their parents / guardians should be returned to the Principal after affixing their signature thereon.


40.  The College offers ample facilities and opportunities for sports and games.  All students are required to make the best use of these facilities and opportunities.
41.  To encourage sportsmanship, inter class competitions will be held from time to time.  All students are requested to participate in these competitions.
42.  In all games and sports the participants are required to conduct themselves properly both on and off the field.
43.  The students should approach the Lecturer in Physical Education for games materials.
44.  Students are allowed to use the play ground from 4.00 p.m. to 5.30 p.m. on all working days.  However during holidays play ground can be used at such time as is permitted by the Principal.
45.  College teams willing to participate in tournaments and sportsmeet should put in regular and systematic practice.  The team will be allowed to participate only with the permission of the Principal.
46.  No student on the roll of the college is permitted to play in any outside team in particular event in which the college team is involved.


47.  Parents have to play their role in the lives of their Children in inculcating the right values in them when they are in college.
48.  The College expects the fullest co-operation from the parents of the students whenever their assistance is sought.
49.  All parents and guardians are earnestly requested to keep in touch with the Principal from time to time regarding the progress and conduct of their children.
50.  Parents have to pay all the college fees and other dues to the College Office in single instalment.
51.  Strange and distracting hairstyles are not allowed. Any kind of deviation in the behaviour is taken very seriously. Simple, good and straight forward behaviour will always be appreciated and admired.
52.  While every effort will be made to inform the parents or guardians about any instance of serious misconduct on the part of their wards, the authorities of the college do not bind themselves to intimate in  advance to the parent or guardian any action which they are compelled to take against the students in the best interest of the tone and discipline of the college.
53.  Parents will please note that if they do not insist on regular attendance and home study of their wards, the results are sure to be disappointing to them.
54.  The friends and relatives of the students will not be allowed to meet the students while they are in class.  No phone calls will be given to the students.  However in case of emergency, the message will be conveyed to the students by the Principal.
55.  The College aims at cherishing human values like goodwill, respect, affection, care and concern, mutual trust and peaceful co-existence.
56.  In case of any problem, difficulty, disturbance, ill-health, misunderstanding, doubt, clarifications etc, students should immediately meet the principal.


57.  The academic year is divided into two terms, the first, commencing from the re-opening of the College in June and continuing till the mid of October & the second, commencing after the Dasara Holidays and ending with last working day of the academic year.
58.  A receipt signed & dated by the one deputed by the Principal shall be granted for every payment of fee made.
59.  If a student fails to pay his/her fee on the day fixed for payment by the Principal he/she shall have to pay the prescribed fine.  If the fee together with the fine is not paid within the last day for the collection  of fees with fines, the student’s name shall be removed from the rolls. 
60.  The fees must be paid in cash only in the college office during the working hours of the college.
61.  If a student leaves College during the term he/she shall have no right to claim a remission of any portion of the term fee.
62.  Selection of Candidates for Scholarships and Concessions will be made on the basis of merit in studies and degree of poverty.


63.  All applications for certificates must be made to the principal in writing.  Certificates must be taken from the office in person.
64.  Certificates and Marks Cards will not be handed over to unauthorised persons.
65.  Application for Certificates should contain the following particulars.
       a)  The student’s name and initials.
       b)  The class in which the student was originally enrolled.
       c)  The class in which student was studying at the time of leaving and the roll number.
       d)  Language under part I and optionals under part II.
       e)  The Examination passed with Reg. No. and the year of passing.
66.       The Official Conduct Certificate is a document which a student has to earn by his conduct and behaviour during his/her college course and it will be issued only by the Principal.  It will not be issued as a matter of course and the Principal may refuse the Conduct Certificate to any student whose Conduct, in his opinion has not been satisfactory.

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